Workspace Tools Panel (FREE)

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Now you can have all the options inside the PS Window/Arrange menu really handy and ready to use.

We decided to make these tools because we use them all the time when we are comparing psd documents, copying from one document to another or using the very useful “New window for ‘your document name’ ” feature.

As always you have list view and icon view of the panel to save some real estate space.


Compatible with cc 2014 + 2015

TIP: “Photoshop menu / Windows / Arrange / New window”

This feature allows you to open one document in two different windows with two different zoom levels. 

It comes in handy when you are making changes to something very small in a document at a huge zoom level by allowing you to open the same document in another window at a 100% zoom. That way you don’t have to constantly zoom in and out to see the whole picture.


You get a panel with the following tools:

  • 2 Up Horizontal
  • 2 Up Vertical2 Up Vertical
  • 3 Up Horizontal
  • 3 Up Vertical
  • 4 Up4 Up
  • 6 Up6 Up
  • All to TabsAll to Tabs
  • Match AllMatch All
  • New WindowNew Window
  • Tile All HorizontallyTile All Horizontally
  • Tile All VertcallyTile All Vertically