65 – PS Tools Add-On 

(for Custom Tools Panel)

Create customized panels with the PS tools that are specific to the kind of work that you do inside Photoshop.

Don’t waste time getting to the tools that you use the most.

Speed up your workflow by reorganizing the Adobe Photoshop tools to your convenience and removing the ones you don’t need as frequently.

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Compatible with   cc 2014 + 2015

What tools you get

  • 3D Material Drop Tool
  • 3D Material Eyedropper Tool
  • Add Anchor Point ToolAdd Anchor Point Tool
  • Eraser ToolEraser Tool
  • Art Histoy Brush ToolArt Histoy Brush Tool
  • Background Araser ToolBackground Eraser Tool
  • Blur ToolBlur Tool
  • Brush ToolBrush Tool
  • Burn ToolBurn Tool
  • Clone Stamp ToolClone Stamp Tool
  • Color Replacement ToolColor Replacement Tool
  • Color Sampler ToolColor Sampler Tool
  • Content_Aware Move ToolContent-Aware Move Tool
  • Convert Point ToolConvert Point Tool
  • Count ToolCount Tool
  • Crop ToolCrop Tool
  • Custom Shape ToolCustom Shape Tool
  • Delete Anchor Point ToolDelete Anchor Point Tool
  • Direct Selection ToolDirect Selection Tool
  • Dodge ToolDodge Tool
  • Elipse ToolElipse Tool
  • Eliptical Marquee ToolEliptical Marquee Tool
  • Eyedropper ToolEyedropper Tool
  • Freeform Pen ToolFreeform Pen Tool
  • Gradient ToolGradient Tool
  • Hand ToolHand Tool
  • Healing Brush ToolHealing Brush Tool
  • History Brush ToolHistoy Brush Tool
  • Horizontal Type Mask ToolHorizontal Type Mask Tool
  • Horizontal Type ToolHorizontal Type Tool
  • Lasso ToolLasso Tool
  • Line ToolLine Tool
  • Magic Araser ToolMagic Eraser Tool
  • Magic Wand ToolMagic Wand Tool
  • Magnetic Lasso ToolMagnetic Lasso Tool
  • Mixer Brush ToolMixer Brush Tool
  • Move toolMove tool
  • Note ToolNote Tool
  • Paint Bucket ToolPaint Bucket Tool
  • Patch ToolPatch Tool
  • Path Selection ToolPath Selection Tool
  • Pattern Stamp ToolPattern Stamp Tool
  • Pen ToolPen Tool
  • Pencil ToolPencil Tool
  • Perspective Crop ToolPerspective Crop Tool
  • Poligon ToolPoligon Tool
  • Polygonal Lasso ToolPolygonal Lasso Tool
  • Quick Selection ToolQuick Selection Tool
  • Rectangle ToolRectangle Tool
  • Rectangular Marquee ToolRectangular Marquee Tool
  • Red Eye ToolRed Eye Tool
  • Rotate View ToolRotate View Tool
  • Rounded Rectangle ToolRounded Rectangle Tool
  • Ruler ToolRuler Tool
  • Sharpen ToolSharpen Tool
  • Single Row Marquee ToolSingle Row Marquee Tool
  • Single Column Marquee ToolSingle Column Marquee Tool
  • Slice Select ToolSlice Select Tool
  • Slice ToolSlice Tool
  • Smodge ToolSmodge Tool
  • Sponge ToolSponge Tool
  • Spot Healing Brush ToolSpot Healing Brush Tool
  • Vertical Type Mask ToolVertical Type Mask Tool
  • Vertical Type ToolVertical Type Tool
  • Zoom ToolZoom Tool